7 Things Your Press Kit Should Contain

Logo- Every artist needs a logo that captures their band’s identity. Logos help the public to quickly remember you and they give your band “Brand Identity”. Brand Identity is a name, term design, or symbol which creates a distinct identity in the minds of the consumer. In music, I like to think of it as “band identity”. “Band Identity” is the unique image, style, and logo which people identify with your music. Having this logo and band identity is useful for creating viral campaigns and street team marketing, such as having fans put a sticker with your logo and website all over town.

Business Cards/Flyers- Every artist needs a business cards and flyers, which can promote upcoming events. If a press kit were Cold Stones, then business cards and flyers would be “Gotta Have its”.

Photography/Head Shots- Quality photography is needed for all press kits and anything related to media.

Trifold BrochureA brochure is a very professional way to represent yourself to booking agents, record labels, and venues.

Website/Social Media Pages- Every artists needs a website, giving the public a place to contact you, learn more about you, and what you do. In todays “hyper-connected world”, as writer of The World is Flat Thomas Friedman called it, it is also vital to have and maintain social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Demo/Videos- Obviously a high quality demo of your music is necessary for any consideration of your band. If your site has music, you do not necessarily need to send physical demos, although that is logically more convenient for the listener. Also, videos help get you ranked on search engines and let them see your live performance which is crucial to commercial success.

Presentation Folder- The ultimate way to put your press kit together- a folder that contains your brochure, business card, bio, head shots, and flyers.


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