How One Man Is Trying to Profit from Amy Winehouse Tragedy

                It has only been a few weeks since the tragic loss of Amy Winehouse and already there are those wrongfully attempting to profit from her death. Martin McCann, an internet “squatter”, has purchased the domain name An internet squatter purchases domain names in order to sell it back at a great profit, or in the case of Martin McCann, profit from the death of a musician.  McCann purchased the site hours after Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, said he had plans to begin a Drug Addiction Treatment Center in her name. Mitch posted a harsh but honest tweet about McCann in saying, “We have to put pressure on this d—head who stole our foundation name. . . Our solicitors are all over this but it takes time.”

                In response to this McCann told the Sun, “I’m not exploiting anything yet, I’ve just bought some domain names. Anybody could have. It only takes the click of a mouse. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed. Detach yourself from emotions and think business.” That is his philosophy to live by, ignore any sense of morality as long as it makes money. McCann also has prevented Mitch from setting up a bank account for the Foundation by registering the name with the U.K. agency Companies House. This has forced a grieving father to return the donations for the Foundation to the fans.

                These actions and response by McCann reflects exactly what is wrong with the music business today. The greed for money is greater than the love for music, respect for the artists, and even sense of morality. McCann’s first thought upon hearing the singer’s late father is starting an Amy Winehouse Foundation must have been, “Hmmm how can I profit from this beautiful musicians death.” And the worst part is that he justifies it to himself with saying “Detach yourself from emotions…” because it is just business. Yet, he is blind to the fact that this is not ‘just business’ to the grief-stricken father.

                Musicians need people in the industry who are there because of their love of music, not their love of money. And I would ask McCann to put himself in Mr. Winehouse’s position to realize the pain he is causing him. Rest in peace Amy. Find out more about Amy Winehouse at her official website


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